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Bring Health 2 Home

Partner with Monique Giroux, MD, an Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, on a journey of exploration toward  better health and wellbeing.  

Enhance Your Inner Healing

Engage in Positive Action

Reach Your Potential

Are You Ready to Take Your Health to the Next Level?

Do you want to live better and healthier but do not know where to start? Do you need a little help with motivation and staying on track with your wellness goals? Are you looking for a program backed by science, true results and led by a physician expert? Do you want the uplifting support of a community with the same goals? If so, this program is for you.

Nature’s House Call® grew out of Dr. Giroux’s 20 years experience helping patients find true health with chronic illness. Empowered health occurred when patients focused on intentional lifestyle changes, nature based therapies, mindfulness and self-care. Out of this experience came an understanding of what works and a desire to share with this with others. Our approach works because it is grounded in science, backed by clinical experience & the healing power of nature, balance, intention, compassion and personal grow.

Our difference

Inspired by Nature | Supported by Community

Personalized | Balanced

Your path

                                     We are all different with different health and wellness needs, goals and experiences. At Nature’s House Call®, we aim to provide a diversity of programs and ideas to help you design the path that works for you. By including information in multiple formats (in-depth coursework, blogs, video vignettes), delivery (archived and live online events, wellness weekend immersive) and engagement (Self assessments, challenges, community support) you will follow a path that is in sync with your life’s journey.  

At Nature’s House Call® we understand that living well is a personal and unique journey that is enhanced when we come together as a community to support and inspire. We are building a community to support each other, provide a sense of inspiration, motivation and connectedness.                                                                     

Join Dr. Giroux in this community as we all learn from each other, develop a sense of connectedness and find new ways to approach our health. 

Share Your Journey

Support | Inspiration | Purpose

Experience Holistic Health & Wellness

How we live and the lifestyle choices we make are key drivers of our own personal health. In this introductory presentation, Lifestyle is Medicine, you will learn why this is one of the most important steps you can take to living and feeling better.

About Dr. Monique Giroux, MD

Dr Giroux

Dr. Giroux is a board certified Neurologist, Integrative and Lifestyle medicine specialist who has spent more than 20 years helping my patients achieve better health and wellbeing through an integration of mind- body- soul. Success lies in setting your intention, striving for balance, simplicity, compassion and a commitment to a few simple steps each day.

These steps are within your reach!

Partner with Nature’s House Call and bring health 2 home for yourself, your family and your community. 

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