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Set goals, define the best action plan, and insure success with this course.


Welcome to Nature’s House Call® with Dr. Giroux, your online healthy lifestyle program and community!   


This introductory course explores the many benefits of Nature’s House Call with Dr. Giroux and includes an introductory video on the power of lifestyle medicine.

Ready set go -Exercise

Course Overview

  1. Prioritizing Your Needs and First Steps.
    • Define Your Goals
    • Developing an Action Plan
    • Boost Your Confidence
  2. Motivation and Readiness for Change
  3. Review of Your Online Resource  
    • Tour of the website
    • Disclosure
    • Member and User Responsibility                                     

Now Lets Get Started!

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Dr. Giroux

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 2 Quizzes
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