Holistic Health | Courses, Workshops, Workouts and Community Programs

All of our programs are designed by Dr. Giroux with a holistic approach in mind. We know that wellness does not occur in silos and these programs should not either. Our presentation aim for a balanced approach – blending mind, body and soul. Learn more and take the first steps toward bringing true health 2 home.

The smartest lifestyle choices start with the science of health living

Courses | The Science of Healthy Living

Our courses give you the scientific rationale to back up your healthy lifestyle choices. Topics will explore how our bodies work and how this reflects on health and wellbeing as well as the cause of disease or symptoms and the many lifestyle changes that can make a difference. Understanding why and how something works helps you design your wellness program and keep it going. Each course ranges in duration from ~ 1 to 4 hours.

Video Library | Wellness 2 Go

Whether You are interested in exercise tips, cooking demonstrations, mindfulness practices, motivational massages (and much more)-we’ve got you covered! These videos and vignettes will enhance your healthy living experience. 

Community Support increases Success

Live & Experience Health | Healthy Living and Lifestyle Community

Working together and in support of one another is the secret to sustained success! Learn from and share your experiences and thoughts with other members of our Healthy Living and Lifestyle Community. Join our forum, get answers to your questions or grab a healthy snack and join our book club or movie night.
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